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Creation 2020

VAÏ VAË is a fashion show in the form of a unique, and very original, choreographic creation.  This creation presents the young designer Flora Fabèle’s new collection, and her brand, - the freshly registered VAË.

Choreographed by Sophie Bulbulyan and assisted by Raymond Siopathis and Barima Oséi, this new DK-BEL Company piece is intended for professional and amateur dancers with and without disabilities.  It addresses self-image.


This unique performance seeks to ensure that each participant pushes his or her own limits to feel, and to be, beautiful inside and out.


Designer : Flora Fabèle

Choreographer : Sophie Bulbulyan

Choreographer assistants : Raymond Siopathis, Barima Osei

Music creation : Trifon Koutsourelis

Light creation : Eleonora Meoni

General manager : NiKo Perret

Set design : Elisa Bulbulyan, Sophie Bulbulyan, Flora Fabèle

Help for the daily life of dancers with disabilities : Nathalie Racine

Dancers : Sébastien Aiscar - Sofia Ait Hadj - Niouma Camara - Sophie Cazier - Nathan Cohen - Céline Coppry - Amélia Fabèle - Méline Fabèle - Aymeric Fournier - Melvin Gaspard - Natasa Gatsiou - Steven Kayenga - Willy Lainé -Anthony M'bani - Thierry Maboang - Elisa Martinez - Aba Okono - Barima Osei - Miché Quenum - Sarah Ramdani - Jill Redcoffe - Raymond Siopathis - Kévin Tretz - Elsa Valéry - Steven Vincent-Manette

Video : Vincent Farge

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