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Choreographers: Corinne Faure, Sophie Bulbulyan

Outside view: Isabelle Dufau

Artist photographer: Illan Wolf

Music editing: Corinne Faure-Grise

Dancers from the DK-BEL Company:

Débi Kouété, Laura Khizar, Steffi Kiamiuni, Laetitia Jarry, Sofia Ait Hadj Ali, Alexandre Alves, Seven Vincent-Nanette, Michée Quenum, Melvin Gaspard








  Creation 2008

This piece was created from photograms created with the artist Ilian Wolf, large sections of photographic images, made without a camera.

Here, they represent in positive and negative the bodies of the dancers, who have left their marks.

Roue Cool speaks of the desire to leave a trace, this imprint on the body of the other, in space, in memories. The dancers spring up and twirl on their wheels, whether they were rollerblading wheels or wheelchair wheels.

There is a great, and very refreshing energy to this piece and a feeling of moving gracefully through the air.

This project is supported by the REUNICA Foundation, under the umbrella of the Fondation de France.

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