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"I would like to understand how all these people end up on the sidewalks of Paris, in Stalingrad. How far they have come from Syria to my street?” Corinne Faure-Grise


We want to express our commitment and ask questions so as not to let our lack of power be mistaken for acceptance.

For all these men, women and children who live in exile, who are fleeing their country, their roots, their origins to survive, who are dying en route, who are taking risks, who are welcomed or repulsed, who hope for a better place elsewhere, for all those we want to reach out and help to the extent of our abilities.

We wanted to capture the moment when we react to an obstacle: either we confront it, dodge it or appeal to the outside world for help in dealing with it.

Reactions differ; violence can appear when one feels hopeless, determination manifests itself when one must overcome, will is exhausted when obstacles are too numerous and seem to be insurmountable.


Team :

Choreography : Corinne Faure-Grise

Vision from the outside  : Sophie Bulbulyan

Dancers :

Joséphine Bault , Mathilde Brémond , Céline Coppry , Kevin Dang , Vincent Di Salvatore , Flora Fabèle , Méline Fabèle ,  Aymeric Fournier , Melvin Gaspard , Anton Kessler ,  Débi Kouété ,  Willy Lainé , Philippe Nomenyo , Barima Osei , Elsa Valéry

Technical team :

Costumes : Anne Yarmola

Scenography : in research

Light manager : in research


Administrative team :

Administrator : Olivier Catherine

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