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The PIH-POH Player


Creation 2017
























The PIH POH player is a hip hop piece inspired by the tale

"Hamelin's flute player" written by the Grimm brothers.


For his first creation as a choreographer, Raymond Siopathis,

is mainly interested in invaders from the village of Hamelin: rats.


He invites us among them, compares us to them and makes us live their frenzy and their madness.

Rats often caricatured and described as dark animals, living at a rhythm of life without respite, resemble the inhabitants of the city, governed by the rules, and in which the difference is assimilated to weakness.


The weak undergoes the assaults of this rigid crowd which ignores it and crushes it. No curve is tolerated, righteousness and homogeneity rule. So he staggers, crosses the coldness of the elbows, knees and movements of the other, without restraint or compassion. He fights.


Who leads to anarchy? This codified, unrestrained crowd, without brakes, without soul? Or this group that refuses and goes wild, animated by a surplus of emotion?


What rats are we?



Choreography: Raymond Siopathis

Musical creation: Trifon Koutsourelis / Titouan Arrabie-Aubies / Philippe Nomeynio

Performers: Titouan Arrabie-Aubies, Mika Florestan, Fitz Nzoghe, Ombline Noyer, Seibany Salif Traoré.




This project is supported by the DRAC Ile de France (Culture and social bond) for its time of residence at the

at the Maison de Quartier Ourcq de Pantin 


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