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Creation 2013

Choreographed in 2013 by one of the dancers of the DK-BEL Company, Débi Kouete, "Le Debit" starts with the theme of ‘free electrons’ and especially the relationships that an individual and a group can maintain.

How can the individual interact and express himself within the group while respecting it?

How can the group influence the individual, while allowing him to express himself freely?

Contemporary choreography for these 7 dancers who know each other very well and take advantage of their shared experiences over the years to highlight this subject.



Choreographer: Débi-Shirel Kouete

Outside eye: Corinne Faure-Grise, Sophie Bulbulyan

Costume creation: Cheik Kante


Dancers from the DK-BEL Company : Débi-Shirel Koueté, Céline Coppry, Laura Khizar, Alexandre Alves, Willy Lainé, Barima Osei, Cheik Kante, Leithan Setodji

Duration: 15 minutes



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