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Creation 2009

The play is written on the theme of the Family: the one we have, the one we make up, the one we leave, the one whose history catches up with us, the ties that unite or tear.

The family, place of "I", of games, place where one seeks to find one's place.

Each dancer created his own character from a questioning on the family (what is the role of my character within the family ? What do we do in family ? How my character reacted to the arrival of the last born? Etc.) Questions that allowed the construction of unique stories.


The project is supported by ADIAM 95 and by the Initiatives d'Artistes en Danses Urbaines. IADU



Choreographers: Corinne Faure, Sophie Bulbulyan

Aid to creation: Valérie Rivière, Cie Paul and the Birds

Outside view: Isabelle Dufau

Lights: Fabrice Ollivier

Costumes: Anne Yarmola

Music: Philippe Foiera, Tosca, DJ Krush, Funki Porcini, Trentemoller, Bibi Tanga

Voice: Jean-Marie Thiédey and Salomé Lorgnet on a text by Céline Coppry.

Music editing: Corinne Faure-Grise

Dancers from the DK-BEL Company: Céline Coppry, Débi Koueté, Alexandre Alves, Willy Lainé, Barima Osei, Leithan Setodji, Cheik Kante, Raymond Siopathis




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