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In Peace

Creation 2019

Performance for ten dancers, three with disabilities.  

Written for the European Museum’s ‘Museum Night in Archéa, Museum of Louvres in May 2019.

This piece is an artistic ballad where the public play a discovery game in different areas of the venue.  The audience is free to wander around and view the various different performances happening around the space at the same time.

The choreography begins with seven solos spread out in different spaces happening simultaneously.  Then they come together two by two to create three new dance sequences. Continuing with the theme of collaboration the performance transitions into three overall sequences, including the ‘human tree’ where the audience are invited to join the dancers.


Choreography : Sophie Bulbulyan

Dancers : Sofia Ait Hadj - Méline Fabèle - Melvin Gaspard - Natasa Gatsiou - Willy Lainé -Thierry Maboang - Miché Quenum - Raymond Siopathis - Salif Seibany Traoré - Elsa Valéry - Steven Vincent-Manette

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