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Man is the answer

Creation 2018






















"Mandis" is an open path to the Other, a crying refusal to return to a suffocating and overwhelming lifestyle.

A permanent desire for connection.

7 dancers from France and Greece are constantly looking for the rhythm that suits everyone, one that allows everyone to find their place in the world, to move forward together, to get closer to the Other,

never to forget that Man is the answer.



"Mandis" is an inclusive dance performance created by

Kyma Project in collaboration with the French mixed company Compagnie DK-BEL and the Greek mixed group Exis.

Collaboration possible thanks to START - Create Cultural Change, a Robert Bosch Stiftung program, carried out in cooperation with the Goethe Institut Thessaloniki and the German Association of Socio-Cultural Centers, with the support of the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, the Bodossaki Foundation.



Choreographer: Sophie Bulbulyan
Dancers: Anna Vekiari, Natasa Gatsiou, Elias Kourtparasidis, Stavros Zafiris, Salif Traoré, Debi Kouete, Miche Quenum
Music: Haris Katis
Production manager: Angeliki Mitropoulou



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