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 Drops of Breath 

Creation 2015


















A world first // An underwater show

In 2015, DK-BEL Co. co-produced the first, and World's only, underwater choreographic performance: Drops of Breath.

In an underwater marine theatre, there were fifteen dancers, of which three had disabilities, and three were children, coming from Cyprus, France and Greece.  This team made the impossible possible by spreading the message of equality and cooperation on the surface of the Earth.

The original musical creation was by Trifon Koutsourelis and was transmitted   by underwater speakers and offered an incomparable musical immersion experience.



Concept / Choreography : Apostolia Papadamaki - Sophie Bulbulyan

Original sound creation : Trifon Koutsourelis

Costumes creation and scenography : George Georgiou

Diving technical advisor : Tasos Papapanos, Luc Lakeman

Underwater film capture : Anastassis Agathos

Diving training : Tassos Papapanos

Diving training for dancers with disabilities : Luc Lakeman,Tassos Papapanos

E.U. Executive Project Coordinator: Theodora Avgoulidou

Production director : Manolis Sardis

Production director assistant :Christina Polychroniadou

Underwater stage management : Maria Kakaroglou

Official photographers and videographerss: Alexandros Anagnostopoulos /, Luc Lakeman



Nefeli Boiskoiti, Jules Bulbulyan,  Souad Daoudi,

Eleni Diamanti, Irini Kourouvani, Thierry Maboang,

Aristotelis Marinopoulos, Apostolia Papadamaki, Tasos Papapanos, Christina Patsali,

Michée Quenum, Antonis Strouzas, Dimitra Svigou.



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