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                 Creation 2012

For some time now, the outside gaze on Villiers-le-Bel has not corresponded to what many residents experience and feel from the inside.

Whether you work or live in Villiers-le-Bel, everyone has forged special ties with the City.

Theater, dance, and photography are the three artistic languages chosen to highlight the sensitive and human face of the city of Villiers-le-Bel.
This intergenerational creation is the result of artistic workshops and a series of meetings: theater, dance, photography, theatrical writing.

In partnership with the ACTA company Agnès Desfosses, project leader, this inter-generational project brings together 60 actors aged 6 to 60, bringing together professional ACTA actors, dancers from DK-BEL and residents of the City.


Concept and direction: Agnès Desfosses, Compagnie ACTA

Writing: Carole Thibaut, associate author, Compagnie Sambre
Choreography: Corinne Faure-Grise, Sophie Bulbulyan, Compagnie DK-BEL


And all the dancers of the DK-BEL Company accompanied by the inhabitants of Villiers-Le-Bel



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