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Creation 2006

"As Unique" is the story of an encounter of two worlds that physically appear to be distant, but that the desire of creating together brings them together.

As the work progresses, a question emerges:

"Who are the most disabled?” and one response among others is “we all have a handicap to overcome." 

We started from our strengths, weaknesses and handicaps and wrote unique stories in which everyone finds their place.    

The project therefore deals with the themes of Disability and Encounters through dance and poetic rap. Started around poetic rap, a new discipline for both groups with the artist DGIZ, poetic rapper, we combined it with dance by   creating duets and trios.

There is a great generosity on the part of the performers and a real need to communicate the strength of this coming together.



Choreographers : Corinne Faure, Sophie Bulbulyan 

Musical arrangement : Olivier Lambert

Text : extrait de «La Rencontre» Allan W.ECKERT

Slam : Etienne Oumessounga, 

Costumes: Anne Yarmola

Photographer: Xavier Schwebel

DK-BEL Company Dancers : Débi Kouete, Chanez Lahsen, Céline Coppry, Slim Lofti, Williams Bouton, André Mackiesse, Willy Lainé, Yoni Halimi, Barima Oséi, Miché Quenum, Lindsey Tarion, Thierry Maboang.



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