Cultural and Educational Workshops





















The educational actions are carried out by the dancers and choreographers of the Compagnie DK-BEL,

and we work most of the time in a disabled - valid pair.


Our intervention themes promote self-esteem and are directly linked to our repertoire pieces such as, for example:

Confidence, Confidence in oneself, in the other, in the future.


We work in contemporary dance and Hip-Hop.

We work on concepts

listening within the group, connection between the dancers, physical contact.


Following a short technical apprenticeship,

each participant develops their own gestures and enriches that of others.

We always ask learners to create together according to the given constraints.

The workshops culminate in a short restitution in which the learners show the work done.



Multi-Arts projects are also proposed with a team of speakers loyal to DK-BEL for many years:

Viny La singing,

Erwan Loeffel in percussion,

Karine Papin in improvisation theater,

Thomas Rebishung in graffiti,

Stefanos Souvatzoglou in Plastic Arts

Flora Fabèle in textile creation





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