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Choreographers : Corinne Faure-Grise, Sophie Bulbulyan 

Musical creation : Trifon Koutsourelis

DK-BEL Company dancers : Miché Quenum, André Makiesse, Ahmed Osman, Willy Lainé, Barima Osei, Céline Coppry, Laura Khizar, Thierry Maboang, Leithan Setodji, Debi Koueté, Cheik Kanté, Philippe Nomeyo, Williams Bouton, Yoni Halimi, Sébastien Aiscar, Alexandre Alves, Melvin Gaspard.

Costumes: Anne Yarmola

Graphist : Cèline Canéparo

Decors : Leonidas Tsianikas, Liam Dunn,

Digital designer : Fréderic Liver,

Light creation: Pantelis Petrakis.





Creation 2012

"ANAMESA MAS, Making the invisible visible"


The theme is about us, Anamesa Mas in Greek.

It is a link between three identities:  that of Greece in 2012, that of youth living in Villiers-le-Bel, and that of young people with cerebral palsy.

We seek to highlight the humanity that we share and carry, with a desire to give momentum, enthusiasm and hope, indispensable for these universes that revolve in a world of difficulties.

It is also about "Making the invisible visible", to give the image that these 3 entities (Greece today, the so-called "suburban" youth and young people with disabilities) want to show of themselves.

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